You’ve Lost Your Motivation! Now what?

Isn’t work sometimes a drag? No matter what you do, it has become a dull routine, plus your co-workers can be a pain with their demands and lack of focus. This is sapping the enthusiasm you once had for work.

In today’s world, we all have short attention spans. This causes us to lose interest and lose focus on tasks that have become boring. Our work performance suffers, our co-workers start to notice, and the next thing you know we are being called into our boss’s office with concerns about our motivation and teamwork. What can we do to overcome this?

Having a plan will help you stay motivated

The easiest way to motivate yourself is by having a plan. Don’t simply manage your career as if it were a task you must do. View your job as the tool that will let you reach your goals in the short and long term.

Maybe one of your goals is to cruise the Greek isles this summer, or maybe you are interested in being named to the recruitment committee in your office. Whatever your goal, make sure you identify a path that will get you there. Every day, check how you advanced along the path and watch as you get closer to your desired goal. This tracking will help you remain focused and motivated.

Identify your goals and enlist help

Once you have identified your short- and long-term goals, ensure that your list takes into account your personal, professional, and family worlds. With this list, identify what help you will need from others and pull together your personal and professional team.

Find out how I can help you get ahead in your career!

Don’t assume you can do everything. Enlist the necessary people to get the tasks done. As you begin checking off tasks, you will feel happier, and you will come across motivated and engaged.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments, share with me your struggles with maintaining your motivation at work. Connect with me on Twitter: @elizabethsuarez.

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