Your Fear of Negotiation is Hurting Your Long Term Financial Goals

Setting up an effective financial plan is key to your long term success. While saving more and spending less is a good strategy, negotiating a higher salary is more beneficial to your long-term financial goals.  Think about the last time you received a job offer or a raise. You were probably ecstatic and quickly began allocating those extra funds (maybe to buy a new car or go on that dream vacation). The majority of us at that precise moment don’t think about how this new job or raise is going to affect our future finances.  Consistently negotiating for a higher salary (or consulting fees) throughout your career and having a clear financial plan to compound your investment, can help you retire comfortably.  Are you preparing to negotiate a job offer? Hoping to earn a raise or promotion? Need to make a big decision but having trouble weighing the pros and cons? Wherever you are in your career, I can help you gain the direction, control and results you deserve! Let’s work together.

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