The Art of Reinventing Yourself in Today’s Unpredictable and Risky Business World

These past few weeks have been one of the most challenging and uncertain times of our lives. Not only have we faced the tragedies of a pandemic, but we have also seen very dark days in the business world. As a leadership and negotiation strategist, I have reoriented my coaching practice towards guiding business owners and professionals as they reinvent themselves and prepare for the challenges that lie in the months ahead.

The ability to quickly adapt to changing needs and circumstances is essential for maintaining your competitive edge as a business owner and a professional. This ability takes on a heightened importance in our current climate. Taking a page from my own playbook, I have pivoted my own focus for the balance of 2020. My new goal: sharing my knowledge towards helping you successfully reinvent yourself and therefore setting yourself up for success in today’s uncertain and risky business world.

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Although we may feel that we lack control under our current circumstances, this is simply not the case! We just need to think like engineers and not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by larger issues that are outside of our control. Instead, we should focus on variables that we actually can control, namely our composure, behavior and leadership.

How can you begin this process? I recommend implementing the following steps:

  • Do whatever it takes to stay calm! Instead of obsessing about the news and the opinions of others, focus on you and your network (family and business). Try to disconnect from social media and limit your news consumption.
  • Perform a self-evaluation of your abilities and interests to see how they align with your current career situation. You can begin your self-evaluation by identifying and prioritizing a list of skills that you are passionate about. 
    Evaluate how each skill on the list matches the needs of your current role. Is there a better role that could match your skills? If so, start identifying a plan of action to redefine your role.
  • Engage your network. Consider their feedback as you establish a strategy to approach the changes you wish to make.

We can all benefit from conducting a professional self-assessment at least once per year. I recommend engaging in this exercise twice a year. Not only will you learn about yourself, you will also establish stronger relationships within your networks. These relationships can generate leads and future opportunities.

As we work through the uncertainties that lie ahead, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Speaker Elizabeth Suarez, where I will provide ongoing tips and resources throughout the year.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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