“The Art of Getting Everything” Soars To #1 Bestseller

DENVER – For three weeks in a row The Art of Getting Everything landed on Tattered Cover Book Store’s list of top selling business books, as published by The Denver Post.

The Art of Getting Everything (Morgan James Publishing) equips professionals with the necessary tools to negotiate more effectively for what they want and successfully balance career, family and personal interests.

In a well-attended book signing at the Tattered Cover Book Store in January, negotiation coach and speaker Elizabeth Suárez spoke about her journey through the ranks of Corporate America and shared advice on becoming a better negotiator. The event was broadcast live on Facebook.

“Negotiation is not about figuring out who is right or wrong. It is about getting the parties involved to agree to embrace the other party’s perspective,” says Elizabeth. “That is why, when involved in a negotiation, you need to understand how every person reaches a different conclusion based on that person’s values and beliefs.”

The Art of Getting Everything guides readers through real-life examples, highlights specific issues common to professionals, and helps them discover three main components to constructing a path to achieving everything they want by:

  • Learning how to develop a life path as a guide for negotiating and advocating for their net worth
  • Discovering resources and tools they can put to use immediately to handle conflict and overcome disagreements and
  • Finding straightforward strategies for navigating the world of negotiation, so that they can get what they truly want in life

In The Art of Getting Everything Elizabeth brings years of personal experience strategizing at a corporate level and shares her unique hands-on approach to getting what you want. She does this by providing a wealth of knowledge in conflict resolution, persuasion and negotiation, tools that have been extremely valuable to professionals around the country.  

“As a successful business owner in the import/export international trade industry, I found the material to be so relevant on how to succeed not only professionally, but also personally,” says Grisel Padilla, Founder and General Manager of G. Padilla & Co. International Trade Company. “The real-life examples presented in the book provide a true understanding of the topic and make the reader realize he/she is capable of reaching their own outcome.”

The Art of Getting Everything is available on Amazon, Bam!, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Indie Bound and Powell’s Books.

Listen to Elizabeth’s interview on these podcasts:

The Business Power Hour


High Performance Business Solutions


One Take Podcast


For more information, videos, and photos, visit www.facebook.com/TheResultsStrategist. To book an interview or speaking engagement with Elizabeth, please contact Laressa Watlington at Laressa@denverpromo.com. A press kit that includes videos and photos is available upon request.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Suárez is a negotiation coach and speaker who empowers professionals to make the big decisions. She holds an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in chemical engineering from Cornell University. She has spent many years mentoring professionals and serving on the boards of multiple non-profit organizations. She is very active in social media, where she shares practical advice and strategies for people to consider when making decisions or negotiating for what they want.

Visit www.negotiationunleashed.com for more information about Elizabeth’s coaching offerings.

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