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Awarded: Dec 21, 2020

Awarded To: Elizabeth Suárez


5 Positive Steps to Reinventing Yourself

Don’t become overwhelmed by circumstances outside your control. Instead, empower yourself with the know-how to overcome fear and navigate the unknown. In this motivational presentation, I share 5 easy-to-implement steps that can transform your career and set you onto a path to success. 

As the World Turns, How to Stay Balanced and Relevant

In this highly engaging speech, I highlight the importance of staying relevant while exercising balance and healthy thinking. Participants will gain a wealth of practical knowledge and engage in a thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

Available Speech Topics

Available Live or Virtually (Video Conference)
The Art of Unleashing Your Potential

Don’t let a fear of negotiating get you stuck! I will guide you through my exclusive and effective system, which will leave you feeling prepared, confident, and excited to negotiate for everything you want- in business and in life.

Drop the Mask

Don’t leave your cultural background at the door! In this talk, I share my family’s struggles as immigrants and describe how that experience shaped my understanding of the importance of remaining your true self in any negotiation. Particularly valuable for women in Corporate America.

STEM Education as the Change Agent

In this inspirational keynote speech, I redefine the STEM acronym into an approach participants can use to help them navigate through their personal and professional life (Stop, Think, Engage, Make Magic).

What Makes Elizabeth Unique?

Unique Perspectives

As a chemical engineer, with decades of experience in the corporate world, Elizabeth is able to provide audiences with exciting and innovative ways to improve their careers.


Elizabeth's talks are never dull. She weaves together business advice, subject-matter expertise, and real-life examples to keep the audience awake, alert, and inspired.

Actionable Guidance

Audiences leave Elizabeth's speeches not just feeling inspired, but with an action plan of concrete steps they can put into place today.

Focused on Results

Elizabeth's speeches get to the heart of the concept of success. Not only success for the individual, but also to the team or organization.

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