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As a strategic facilitator, I pull together my expertise in facilitation, coaching, mediation, and training, to provide strategic solutions for your business or organization. My years of experience in the corporate world and expertise in alternative dispute resolution, enable me to understand the needs of both parties, get to the heart of the issue at hand, and provide customized solutions for achieving your business goals.

Facilitation is one part art and one part science. The discussion may take an unusual turn, no matter how prepared you are. At these times, a facilitator must rely on his or her experience and intuition. They must be on their toes to respond to, and manage, the flow of the conversation to ensure issues are addressed and resolved.

As a nimble Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategist, I’m able to better manage any differences and difficulties that might arise during a facilitated discussion. I’m known for being enthusiastic and charismatic. These characteristics ensure I keep the audience engaged at all times with discussions, reflections and interactive exercises.

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