Encourage, Support, and Celebrate the Great Women in your Life

On International Women’s Day, I often think about the two women who changed my life – my mother, Consuelo, and my daughter, Bianca. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was one of the few kids who didn’t have a stay-at-home mom due to our financial circumstances. At the time, I fantasized about what it would be like to be able to spend all those precious hours with my mom. Decades later, I’m thankful my mother showed me that no matter your situation you must rise and remain focused on improving and growing in life.

Those lessons have made a difference in my life. Like my mother, I didn’t stay home to raise my daughter. Although I had the financial means to do so, I opted for a career instead. As Bianca begins a new chapter in her life at Cornell University, I hope the values instilled in me by my mother and passed on to my daughter continue to guide her throughout her journey.

No matter our situation, background, interests, education and skills, as women we must celebrate each other! On this international day of celebration, let’s take the time to embrace what we have learned from the women in our lives. Our journeys are certainly not similar. However, we all know women who have made a difference in our lives by providing us with the support and trust necessary to motivate us to do better.

So today, March 8, I vow to continue helping and supporting the women in my life. It starts with loving myself and sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation. This is the best way to honor the women that came before us and forged a path for us to find success.

Happy International Women’s Day! Who are you celebrating today?

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