Empathy and Hope Help Drive Business Growth During The Pandemic

Over the past month, I have found a silver lining from the #StayAtHome order that is affecting the world due to COVID-19. Although I was initially frustrated by the situation, I soon decided to focus instead on what I could control, to work through my feelings and approach this challenge with a positive attitude. This led me to adjusting my business to reflect the new reality. Today, I am not only helping my clients but I have also expanded my efforts towards bringing my expertise to professionals around the world. Thanks to this new approach, I have been able to amplify my network worldwide and offer my services virtually through webinars and strategy sessions.

These new interactions have given me a better understanding of how global business can be conducted at a more effective level, overcoming what once had been classified as barriers to communication, such as different time zones, cultural practices, and competitive landscapes. Yes, we all share a fear of the unknown, but more importantly we are all experiencing a sense of hope. I have witnessed this firsthand!

During a recent webinar, I had the pleasure of witnessing business owners in Hong Kong sharing their knowledge and strategies on how best to manage quarantine to an audience of professionals in India. Their communication was open and real. Instead of keeping ideas close to their vest, these individuals brainstormed ways in which to implement new offerings for client acquisition. They even shared vendor and client contacts, a demonstration of empathy that has already begun to contribute to business growth for everyone involved in the discussion.

I also have witnessed this type of interaction expanding into some of the social media channels. For the first time in a while, I have seen an increase in the level of collaboration occurring on LinkedIn. As an optimist, my hope for all of us is that this level of empathy for others will continue to grow throughout this year and beyond.

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As we gradually begin to move away from our #StayAtHome order, I encourage all of us to adopt a mentality of empathy and providing help to others, including our competition, as a mechanism to not only grow but also learn and flourish.

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