Don’t Let these Turbulent Times Throw your Career Off Track!


During this unprecedented period it is more important than ever to implement a plan designed to safeguard your future. Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in the chaos! Instead, it’s time to invest in yourself and regain a level of control over your life and career.

You are probably experiencing anxiety, wondering if your job will even be there tomorrow. At the same time you might be wondering what is happening back at your organization. Are they undergoing financial distress? Furloughing employees? Cutting project funds?

Instead of getting caught up in this cycle of despair, it is time to take charge of what you can control and make a plan for your future. This is where I can help you! Relying on my decades of experience in the corporate world, and as an executive coach and best-selling author, I have perfected a coaching process designed to help you maintain maximum momentum towards your career goals, as well as to stay relevant no matter what is thrown your way.

Some features of my “90 Minutes to Reinvent Your 2020” program include:

  • Creation of a custom-tailored 90-day action plan.
  • Access to dynamic templates that will guide you through the process of identifying your goals and developing your plan.
  • I will personally review your plan, make recommendations, and then work with you to develop strategies for putting your plan into action.
  • Two 45-minutes Zoom conference with me, during which you will create your 90-day plan.

Emerge from quarantine stronger, focused, and on track to reach your goals!

Pick a time on my calendar to engage in a 30 minute exploratory call where we will begin working on your plan.

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