Didn’t Get That Promotion? Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts For Moving Forward

You were ready for that promotion. You saw it coming. You worked hard for it. It was not even a question of “if,” but “when” you would get the memo.

But you didn’t get it. Now what?

Getting passed over for a promotion can be disheartening – and even humiliating. Outside of actually losing a job, being passed over for a promotion can be the worst professional experience you’ll face in your career. No matter the circumstances, nobody wants to hear that they didn’t meet the mark.

Here are 3 things you shouldn’t do (and 3 things you should do) after receiving the news:

Do Not…

  • Take out your frustrations at work or with your co-workers, subordinates or superiors
  • Talk to colleagues, staff and work friends about this at work
  • Question your boss’ decision

Instead, Do…

  • Talk privately with your supervisor and discuss the situation. Try to no be emotional. Ask him/her specific questions about what happened. Seek feedback that will help you grow and learn.
  • Ask yourself questions such as: “What do I need to work on to improve my chances to being promoted in the future?” “Is there anything I should pay particular attention to?
  • Realize everybody has different perspectives; inquire about them to determine how to improve your communication for future opportunities
These tips might seem trivial right now, but can make all the difference in your future, whether you decide to stay in your current job or if you decide to move. Use the feedback you get from your supervisor and develop an action plan to make sure you gain the skills needed to improve your chances in the future. Find out how I can help you get ahead in your career! Perhaps this is also a good time to evaluate what you want to do next: Is it here where you want to stay? Are you ready to move on? What to do with the things you learned from the experience? See also: You’ve lost your motivation! Now what? You may also consider working with a great coach who can help you develop an effective action plan that can help you achieve your career and life goals.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments, share with me your struggles negotiating a promotion or a raise. Connect with me on Twitter: @elizabethsuarez.

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