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No matter how talented, educated and experienced you may be, the presence of a committed coach can mean the difference between stagnation and success. 

In order to reach new goals, we need to make space for new ways of thinking. The opportunity to think outside of our traditional mindset is an essential part of reaching new heights. Are your goals honest? Are they actionable and measurable? An executive coach will help you to make sense of these questions, and assist you in answering them.  

Become a better leader! Achieve a greater impact!

As your coach, my goal is to enable you to become a strong and effective leader—a true influencer who is able to make a difference in your organization, your industry, and your community.

Together, we will develop strategies for acquiring the skills and mindset you need to take full control of your career.

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A common theme I often hear from senior executives is that they wished they paid more attention to their career trajectory when they were mid-level. In our younger days, most of us were driven by the rigidity of academia. We established well-defined goals and it was generally clear what we needed to do to point ourselves towards those goals.

However, as we gain experience in our careers, many of us lose our way and slip into career autopilot.

It’s time to take control.

With my proven coaching methods, I will help you to get past this sticking point, to find new avenues of motivation and discipline. To really get to know yourself and know what is important for you.

Let’s work together, so you can write an amazing second chapter for your career!


I chose to work with Elizabeth because I was at a point in my career where I needed a different perspective and new tool set from someone who I could trust and who had been through similar situations as I had. Elizabeth has been a great coach for me. Beyond providing me with connections, input on my book and constantly challenging me, in working with Elizabeth I've been able to find a healthier balance in my life, where the fears around my future push me to find the confidence, courage and commitment to do things in my career that I didn’t think were possible.
Guillermo Mazier
Vice President of Global Innovation, Conway, Inc and Founder, Collective Intelligence
Elizabeth Suárez is leading change by empowering hundreds of women like me to discover and own their worth professionally and personally. She saw and heard me and poured priceless wisdom into me as I stood at a crossroad professionally. I never lingered in the regret of coulda, woulda, shoulda, when it came to negotiating my next career move. She empowered me and spurred on the confidence inside of me to become my best self.
Chandra Harris McCray
Thanks to Elizabeth I’ve not only defined my goals more clearly, but reached them more quickly. She asked probing questions that required me to reflect upon my true life goals. She then worked with me to develop a strategy for how to achieve them. I’m now focused on research that is truly meaningful to me and loving it!
Eleanor T. Loiacono, Ph.D.
IT Executive
Given all my previous training and experience in management, I thought I knew just about all I needed to know about climbing the executive ladder. Boy was I wrong! Elizabeth was able to present a huge piece of the puzzle that I was missing. She completely changed my approach to managing up and across any organization, and I already have forged great relationships with the executives in my new position as a result. I have no doubt that I now have the tools to launch myself into an executive position wherever I go.
Shannon Valerio
Senior Business Process Consultant, Acorio, LLC