Brush Up your Skills and Learn Something New!

If you haven’t seen it lately, be sure to check out the exciting new content I have uploaded to my YouTube Channel, Speaker Elizabeth Suarez!

Now is the perfect time to brush up on new skills and learn something new! Here is just some of the videos my team and I have made available to you, to help you remain relevant and gain some insights on how to prepare, evolve and succeed during and after Covid-19:

  • Quick Takes with Elizabeth: Short videos where I share insights and ideas to help you overcome uncertainty. These are packed with quick and easy-to-implement strategies you can use in your career or business today!
  • Training Videos: Includes a variety of subject-specific trainings. I highly recommend the piece about responding to a rude email. 
  • Reinvent Yourself Series:  Videos featuring short and concise ways to work on ensuring a successful future no matter the circumstances or challenges. While browsing this category, I recommend watching “Crafting an effective Elevator Pitch”. 
  • Unleash Your Potential: This player features a series of instructional videos and interviews on specific topics, ranging from networking and sales, to how to negotiate for what you want. 

While there, check out my interview with Telemundo Denver’s National Sales Manager on the topic of dealing with the dreaded “No” in business.  

I hope you find my YouTube Channel helpful! Please click the Subscribe button, so we can keep the conversation going!

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