5 Tips for Staying Focused in Times of Uncertainty

It’s only Wednesday. Your inbox is full, the kids are complaining of boredom, and you have back-to-back conference calls scheduled for the rest of the day. With all of this going on, how are you supposed to focus on anything? We are living in truly uncertain times. Going back to the office, school, or ‘normal’ seems to change with each passing day.  But, to be on top of our game, achieve our goals, and ensure we’re taking care of ourselves and our families, we need to stay focused. The question is: How do we stay focused with so many distractions?

Lack of Focus Impacts Your Health, Well-Being, and Ability to Achieve Your Goals

Things look very different right now. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and we approach possibly sending our kids back to school, the uncertainty around us can really impact our ability to focus and achieve our goals. And with more and more free webinar invitations in our inboxes, flash sales, and people in our homes while working, it’s easy to feel behind or like you’re not doing enough. Before you get down on yourself too much, there are a few things I do to help myself stay on track and regain control of my own attention that I think could help you.

5 Ways to Stay Focused during Uncertain Times

1. Don’t get caught in the inbox trap

I turn off my email application, so I don’t get bogged down by all of the messages coming in at all times. Instead, I make sure to check my email three (3) times a day to stay on-top of my inbox but keep myself from getting distracted by all the noise.

2. Write down your daily goal each morning and block time on your work calendar

Another way I keep on track is to put my daily goal in writing. I post it on my computer monitor, so I’m always seeing it throughout the day. If something pops up on social media, I have to look at my goal and determine if looking into that notification will help or harm my ability to achieve my goal. Block time on your work calendar for deep work, thinking and research for items that move the needle on your goals.

3. Take a walk and break a sweat regularly

I love all of the online classes gyms and studios are offering right now. There are really no excuses for completing a workout! I enjoy staying active through my pilates classes online during the day and by taking a quick walk around the neighborhood with my husband after dinner or hiking (while social distancing) with friends on the weekend.

4. Fuel your body with a balanced diet

In addition to scheduling when you check your inbox, make time to make yourself healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Not everyday will be perfect, but you’re the only one that can look out for you best.

5. Celebrate achieving your goals with a special treat

Of course, when you do reach that big goal or milestone on a big project, make sure to take the time to celebrate and reward yourself for all your efforts. This could be an indulgent spa day at-home; a favorite special dessert, drink, snack; or, a bit of retail therapy.

In Summation

  • Don’t distract yourself by focusing on what others are doing. Sure, it’s easier said than done. But you must be vigilant and selfish with your attention to achieve your goals.
  • Limit yourself from distractions with goal-setting, time blocking on your calendar, and checking your emails at set times each day.
  • Stay active and take care of yourself. What good is achieving your goals if you’re not well enough to enjoy them? I suggest multiple breaks throughout the day to keep you moving and motivated.

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