5 Benefits (other than salary) You Should Negotiate When You Accept An Offer

You got the offer!  You are happy with the salary and you are ready to accept. Life is good.  But a little voice inside you wonders if you could negotiate for more. What should you do?

Don’t accept immediately! Remember that this is the moment when you have the power to negotiate for everything you want. A new hire package or a promotion typically comes with many benefits woven in—many of which are up for negotiation.

Here are 5 benefits you can negotiate apart from your salary:

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1. Extra vacation time to take care of your interests and family needs. Think what an extra week of vacation could provide you. For example, you could enjoy a fun trip with the family, or have some ‘staycation’ time to take care of personal errands.

2. Flex time where you aren’t tied down to a specific work schedule. Depending where you live, it might be worthwhile to avoid traffic jams by working four longer days instead of the conventional five-day week. Another benefit from this flextime is an extended weekend!

3. Professional development monies that can be invested in continued education. You can also use these funds to attend trade shows and/or conventions where you can expand your network while getting up to speed on your industry’s trends.

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4. Enjoy decreased personal expenses by receiving a work allowance that covers car expenses, cellphone bill and Wi-Fi charges. These three items are essential for your success at work.

5. Opportunity of getting a one-time sign-on bonus that can cover moving expenses, new wardrobe, or even a new car. A new job offer or a promotion might have you moving across town, state or country where you might need to depend on a car rather than public transportation. Or the new opportunity may require you to change your wardrobe from jeans and shirts to dresses and suits. Those expenses could add up quickly!

These 5 things might not constitute a higher salary, but they will provide you with perks that could make you life much easier.

Understanding the full range of options available to you can be helpful, both when you’re accepting a new position and when you’re trying to find wiggle room within your current one. If you are not negotiating a job offer, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t know where to start? Let’s work together to identify a plan of action for you to consider and implement.

I would love to hear from you! What are the challenges you have encountered when negotiating for a job offer, higher salary or a promotion? Connect with me on Twitter: @elizabethsuarez.

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