I will help you get your 
 on track.

Have you truly taken the reins of your career?

As a leadership and negotiation strategist, I empower professionals to obtain more money and recognition, while helping organizations to develop a stronger workforce.

Employees who feel engaged, included, and heard are more productive and better able to become a valuable asset to the team. 

I look forward to helping you and your team achieve success!


Executive Coaching

Get your career, and your compensation, on the right track.

Organizational Coaching

Elizabeth will help your employees learn to work together as a committed, high-performance team.


A transformative speaker, Elizabeth weaves together business advice, subject-matter expertise, and enlightening tales from the corporate world.

Higher Ed Conference Presenter

Elizabeth empowers both students and staff to feel comfortable with negotiating for what they want in life.

“Dynamic, captivating and intentional are just a few ways that I would describe learning from Elizabeth Suarez. She takes the time to really understand the needs of her audience, structures content with tangible techniques that are actionable and does so with poise and energy that are unmatched. A Suarez session leaves each person feeling equipped and inspired to not only advocate for themselves but to identify ways to truly get everything!”

Jessica L. Krom
Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Cornell University

“Elizabeth is a fantastic speaker and coach. I connected with Elizabeth at the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility conference. Her presentation on negotiation was informative and engaging. After the conference we kept in touch and Elizabeth has been a source of coaching and encouragement as I get more engaged in non profit work. Our conversation was the push I needed and she has continued to be a source of support.”

Jessica Hitt, PHR
Sr Director, HR Business Partner at TIAA

"Thanks to Elizabeth I’ve not only defined my goals more clearly, but reached them more quickly. She asked probing questions that required me to reflect upon my true life goals. She then worked with me to develop a strategy for how to achieve them. I’m now focused on research that is truly meaningful to me and loving it!"

Eleanor T. Loiacono, Ph.D.
IT Executive

“Elizabeth provides the appropriate combination of strategic management, research analysis and meeting facilitation to guide in the development and implementation of a new organization structure for a low performing urban high school.”

Cabinet Member
K-12 Public Education

“I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for three years at Cactus and Webb Strategic, collaborating on several campaigns. I am always in awe of Elizabeth's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas when moderating focus groups. Also, as a campaign spokesperson and media pro, Elizabeth knows how to talk with news media in an efficient way. Any company would be lucky to have Elizabeth as a consultant.”

Cristal Dukes, M.A.
Communication Strategist

Looking for a POC or Women in Business Keynote Speaker?

See Elizabeth in Action

Elizabeth is a negotiation thought leader who shares her expertise with an engaged social media audience. 

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Do you have a networking strategy?
Do you have a networking strategy?
Accepting "no" for an answer
Accepting "no" for an answer
Your fear of negotiation is hurting your long term financial goals
Your fear of negotiation is hurting your long term financial goals
Networking with purpose
Networking with purpose
Didn’t get that promotion? Here are 3 things you can do after receiving the news
Didn’t get that promotion? Here are 3 things you can do after receiving the news